We take the whole concept of sustainability very seriously. In fact, we were probably one of the first cashmere companies to really make it part of our DNA. From the very genesis of the product (the carefully, lovingly gleaned moulted goats’ hair) through to the manufacture of the cashmere, we check every single step along the way. So, when it reaches you, you can be sure you have in your hands a fully sustained product to the best of our ability.

 Of course, sustainability is an ongoing challenge. We can't just sit back and say we have done enough. There is never a sustainability end point.

 We continually look for new ways to improve our sustainability criteria and challenge ourselves to find it. We have an open sustainability dialogue with everyone involved in the manufacturing process. Harriet Denner (our founder) was a believer.... we make sure we do our level best to maintain that goal.

That is the Denner sustainability DNA.

Cattle are left to roam the planes of Mongolia freely. 


Make sure we know where every thread of our cashmere offerings comes from


Make sure our suppliers exercise the highest standards of animal husbandry and that the cashmere is gleaned from the animal in a natural and stress free way


Make sure no one is exploited in our factories and instilling the basic principle of a fair days work for a fair days pay


Have an open and frank ongoing dialogue with all of our suppliers concerning the sustainability of what we buy from them


Make sure that we do all we can to cherish, protect, sustain local communities' lifestyles before profit


Continually work to improve our packaging and make sure that everything that can be re-cycled is re-cycled


Ensure that we, Denner Cashmere (London) have the highest standards of equality and employment practices


Listen to you on sustainability 

A view of the untouched herding community's living space.

Here we see a worker overseeing cashmere production ensuring only the best quality.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about us, where we came from and what our commitment to you is.

We value our sustainability DNA established by our founder Harriet Denner. Harriet also established the principle of listening to you and when you buy from us, we repay that trust with quality, fairness and above all wonderful cashmere.

The Denner team

It's our mission to treat all others with kindness and respect. From those who work with us here in the UK right through to the indigenous peoples in Mongolia and their herding communities. It's also our mission to ensure that the beautiful animals are treated with the same kind of respect. And of course, we understand that its vital that we look after the environment, the habitats, our planet, in the same way for generations to come.

Cashmere production is vital to the well being of the indigenous herding communities. 

Cashmere fibres dyed and spun, ready to be made into beautiful knitted cashmere pieces.