In case you have ever wondered about where your Denner cashmere comes from - it really is a remarkable and wonderful love story.

It starts in the harsh winters of Mongolia and embraces a craft, a skillset, careful animal husbandry, but most of all love. It has remained unchanged for centuries. Passed down from generation without interruption or change.

A herd of Capra Hircus goats stand on mountainous terrain in Mongolia.

No one exactly knows when the first Capra Hircus goats appeared in Mongolia, whether they are indigenous or came from somewhere else. Certainly, they seem tailor made for the brutal cold winters of Mongolia, where temperatures are often minus 45 degrees. To survive these winters the goats have over the centuries adapted and developed the most astonishing woollen coat, which has been prized and gleaned by the local Mongolians as a lifesaving essential for centuries.

The Capra Hircus goats are left to graze freely on open planes in Mongolia.

However, this husbandry does not come easy and requires considerable skill and patience. Without getting too technical, the wool can only be harvested during the spring when it moults naturally from the goat. Given its delicacy, you can only retrieve it by combing it gently by hand.

Herein lies the skill and love the Mongolians have for their goats which has enabled them to survive in the harsh conditions for centuries. It also answers the question why they have such a special connection and love for their animals.

The indigenous herding communities have been looking after goats for generations. 

We at Denner want you all to share in this love story. As it reinforces our commitment to sustainability and preserves a centuries old tradition that we don't want to see change.

Every time you buy from us, it helps local communities thrive and exist in an organic environment and a way of life which we hope will continue indefinitely.