Denner Cashmere started in 1994 when Harriet Denner decided there was an opportunity to deliver to the local community quality cashmere at affordable prices. She sourced this from Mongolia and started selling it to the local community in Battersea. Largely by word of mouth the business grew and Harriet set up shop in St John's Hill in Clapham. As Clapham grew in popularity so did the brand. Very soon the shop became a destination from all over London.

Harriet Denner pictured in early Denner Cashmere designs, taken from the first Denner Cashmere Catalogue!


Harriet had very strong principles which she would not compromise on. The most overriding one - quality cashmere at affordable prices. She was delighted that the customer base not only included people buying for themselves, but also re sellers who sold it up and down the country. Harriet approached the best designers and Denner quickly developed into a modern, chic, understated brand. Most important of all Harriet instilled a sense of trust that gave people every confidence in mail order shopping with a "no questions asked " return policy which still operates today.

A great success! Harriet achieved such a success with her business that she was featured in The Express newspaper, dated Monday April 26 1999.


All of this has given Denner a unique place in the cashmere world. We have one of the highest customer retention rates, and a catalogue that is eagerly awaited by over 30 000 customers from all over the world . We are known for our sense of style, product quality, and friendliness.

Our shop can still be found in Clapham where Harriet's vision lives on and continues to embrace a kaleidoscope of fashion trends.

Today the shop is where we hold our most special boutique pieces and our staff are always happy to help with styling advice and just for a chat!