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 A COSMOPOLITAN COUPLE... a Denner Cashmere road test

Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Long-Line Cardigan in Super Grey

It is always interesting for us at Denner to get some feedback on our cashmere, so it was exciting  to spend some time  in sunny Putney with Marcus and Lina (two devoted Denner cashmere wearers), who were taking a break from their busy schedules.

Lina is an internationally renowned interior designer who has clients in Dubai, Los Angeles and of course London. Her lifestyle is one of airports, hotels, deadlines, and quite often achieving the impossible (to you and me that is). Somehow, she manages to take it all in her stride.

Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere Long-Line Cardigan in Super Grey

I asked her why she chose Denner cashmere and how it fitted into her hectic lifestyle. She has always taken the view that with her clients first impressions are lasting impressions. So, when she meets a client for the first time, she really wants to look professional and that wonderful American expression "smart casual " without being over-dressed or under-dressed. Somehow achieving a balance of style and making a good impression.

Eliana  is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Poncho in White

"I just love grey Denner cardigans, they are so versatile. Many modern hotels and restaurants have sub-zero air-conditioning particularly in LA, so you can wear them over your shoulders with that little black number. Equally they are great with jeans and trainers if you have a site visit. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that quite often I don't have time to pack and so I just throw clothes into a suitcase and after fourteen hours in a suitcase they look so crisp and sharp.

"Her Denner secret? Shhhhhs she says.... the Denner poncho a must-have for that long trans-Atlantic flight soft and cuddly and a must for those cabin temperature chills.

Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere Poncho in White

Marcus is an international property developer. His Denner wardrobe is mostly aimed at leisure time with his clients, his favourites are the V-necked pullover. Just great after a round of golf in the clubhouse for that all-important client drink. Likewise, if he is meeting clients at the pool, at a hotel in Beverly Hills, or a client’s yacht, the subtle sleeveless is indispensable.

 “What I love about it is the absence of a logo.... just makes me feel special and different and I don’t play polo”.

Freddie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere Half-Zip Jumper in Sky

Thank you, Marcus and Lina, for that interesting insight ...keep rolling and we look forward to catching up with you again soon.

Freddie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Slipover in Sky

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