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Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere V-Neck Top in Liberty Blue

We recently did a fab shoot with our new model Eliana.

Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere Knitted Coat in Black

Now, half the fun of shoots is catching up with the team. We have all known each other for so long it is like one big family.  So, Lizzie (who is a wizard of makeup) just by chance said something interesting.

 “Mainly - when you try cashmere for the first time you never go back to merino wool, lambswool”

Eliana  is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Cable Polo-Neck in Bottle Green

That very inspired, insightful remark made me realise why at Denner we have such a high repeat order rate.

People really are addicted (in the nicest possible way) to our cashmere offerings. That when put on a cashmere jumper, dress, anything.  The sheer sensual sensation of that cashmere feeling against the skin is just awesome. (I could not find the words to do it justice)

So, if you are reading this and have yet to stick your toe in the cashmere pool - you really are missing out....and we hope you become addicted ....

Thank you, Lizzie...

Toni and Lizzie looking busy and gorgeous.