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Matt is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere v neck jumper in Red

Dear Denners,

Yes, very soon it will be Father’s Day.

As I have written before in this blog - easily the most forgettable day. No nipping off to the petrol station for a bunch of flowers like you do on Mother’s Day . Instead you find yourself waiting for Boots to open so you can buy some hastily chosen aftershave before the ritual Sunday lunch.

Ed is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere gloves in Royal Blue

Don’t worry, Lina has come to your rescue and this year Denner is giving you a timely reminder so you can be especially prepared and make your Father feel very special on his day of the year.

Plenty of Denner natural cashmere bright colours with matching scarves and beany hats. So enjoy the day. Father‘s are very special !!!

Matt is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere cable jumper in Charcoal

Bye for now