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Stephany is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan and V-Neck Dress in Dahlia

Dear Denners,

Sadly, we are getting ready to say goodbye to this wonderful colourful Autumn.

I always think that half term is the crossing of the Rubicon as far as the arrival of winter approaches and then we have the ghastly ritual of putting the clocks back.

But hey! The party season is here!!

Stephany is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Ribbed Hat and Cropped Cardigan in Bracken

Well, let’s be positive and I thought I would give you a couple of fashion trends that I have picked up from a few trusted fashion “in the know" sources.

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that beige was the hot colour this Autumn. Well, it seems that after the lockdown and a missed party season last year - people want to party and so I am seeing the return of the clingy, sexy, short bodycon dress.

Love it or hate it - the catwalks say it is one of the looks this party season.

Stephany is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere cable Dress in Red

Especially as the clocks are about to go back (Don’t forget!!!!)

Counterbalanced against this “cling” trend is the re-affirmations of the midi length skirt.

Now people have always loved to write off this dress length. Calling it “frumpy”, dated etc … Not so this Autumn.

All the major fashion players have re-affirmed their belief in it and are running it in their offerings. Coupled with a stylish pair of knee length boots, it really cuts a wonderful traditional look. That works anywhere.

We love the midi length at Denner and we are really excited it is “on point” this season.  It seems you love it too!!!

Stephany is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere V-Neck Dress in Dahlia

So Denners, a couple of ideas for you if you are revamping your look this party season.

Go “Clingy” or “Midi” for this seasonal crossover!!!

Sheer black polka dot tights (according to the catwalks) seem to be on point this Autumn.

And of course, as the party season gets underway - have a ball and dance away.

Bye for now

Stephany is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Cable Dress in Red