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Christmas at Denner Cashmere naturally!!

So, this is Christmas, and it’s come around again. Don’t you just love the feeling of that tingle of excitement and all the joy that Christmas brings?

Friends and family, and of course, hanging out your stocking!

This year at Denner Cashmere, we are celebrating (along with you) our very special natural cashmere collection, which we are so proud of. We want to accentuate that special connection our cashmere has with the natural world.


To do this, we had one of our most ambitious shoots on the beautiful and stunning Newhaven coastline.

Enjoy and marvel at this beautiful natural coastline and how mellifluously our natural cashmere blends into the whole evolutionary beauty. It gives our cashmere a very special pedigree.

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So, this Christmas, celebrate our very special natural cashmere. We created it especially for you - Naturally!