Although we draw on our history for inspiration, we are very much a modern cashmere company. We are totally unique in the sense that we are the factory. We own and control every aspect of our cashmere before it gets to you. We don't rely on third party outsourcing so we can guarantee the quality, the luxury, the uniqueness that makes our cashmere so special.


This gives Denner Cashmere a unique place in the cashmere world. We have one of the highest customer retention rates, and a catalogue that is eagerly awaited by over 30 000 customers from all over the world. We are known for our sense of style, product quality, and friendliness.

Our shop can still be found in Clapham where Harriet Denner's vision lives on and continues to embrace a kaleidoscope of fashion trends.

Today the shop is where we hold our most special boutique pieces and our staff are always happy to help with styling advice and just for a chat!