Falling out of fashion... buy better

Dear Denners,

  Before the winter really takes a hold, quite a few fashionista friends are in London for the season, before they head off to the South of France.

  It gives fashion bloggers like me a chance to catch up on the latest gossip, trends and what this Winter is going to look like.

So, for the benefit of you all I thought I would share a really important trend that everyone seems to agree on.


There is no doubt fast disposable fashion is not as popular as it once was. It was inevitable that people would start reflecting on buying a cheap dress and wearing it a couple of times before it headed for the landfill.

The trend seems to be buying better and buying less. This is something we are very happy about at Denner.


So I have asked Lina to put together some long lasting favourites that people actually want and keep. That is so important to us at Denner natural cashmere.

Buy better at Denner natural cashmere !!!

 Bye for now !!!