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Natalie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Lightweight Polo in White

Dear Denners,

I hope you all had a good Easter and not too much indulgence with the kaleidoscope of Easter eggs that stretches any resistance!!

It is always very difficult to write about a towering fashion presence like Mary Quant. She defined a generation with a daring new look that made women feel sexy and so good about themselves. The mini skirt together with block coloured tights was the look of the sixties. With her "IT" Vidal Sassoon haircut she exuded Kings road, London chic coolness.

Natalie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Lightweight Polo in White

Mary Quant's short look lives on in fashion today.

Recently I had the good fortune of spending some time with a well-known fashion blogger from New York when she was in London. Somehow we got onto the subject of the mini or short dress / skirt look. My friend said that she was amazed by the number of 40 year olds plus wearing short skirts in New York this season.

So, with that in mind for a bit of fun we thought we would put together a few do's and don’ts for 40 plus year old short skirt wearers .

Natalie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Polo Dress in Atlantis Green

    Always wear flat heels whether it is knee boot or shoes, never go too short, keep it comfortable and try not to look like your 17 year old son's latest teenage squeeze.

    Stick to simple subtle colours. If your legs have not recovered from their winter hibernation, there are some great spray tan products on the market which provide a great short cut to that bronzed South of France look, or nude tights a la Kate, Princess of Wales.

Natalie is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Ribbed Vest in Cygnet

We at Denner are passionate about short skirts, dresses - we believe they make you feel so good.

Whilst we can't replicate the Mary Quant look exactly, I have asked the Denner team to come up with some short ideas for that on message sharp spring look.

 In memory of Mary Quant OBE I am going to leave you with the Kinks and the iconic song that was the swinging sixties London.

"Dedicated follower of fashion "

Bye for now