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Anna is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere tank top in Crystal Pink

Dear Denners,

I was in an over air conditioned restaurant in LA with a very cool fashion blogger and we were talking about all season fashion.

We somehow got onto the subject of probably the most popular knit for summer - the tank top.

India is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere tank top in Silver Grey

Interestingly, according to my friend, the tank top has been around for some considerable time, almost since the beginning of the twentieth century.

They were a unisex accompaniment to bathing suits. Their name derived from the early name for swimming pools - the “tank”. They morphed from a chunky knit your grandmother knitted for you when you were a child to a cool chic entity, and now are a summer staple.

Anna is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere stripy vest in Navy/White stripes

This is not lost on Denner.

At the moment the Denner natural cashmere tank top is probably our most popular summer “must have” and according to Lina are selling fast.

It beats the cabin chill of even a short haul flight. Equally nothing worse than an unexpected summer chilly evening that spoils your “al fresco“ dinner in Cap-Ferret .

Or maybe you are at an all-day pool party / BBQ and you want something for the evening?

Iman is wearing 100% organic 2ply cashmere tank top in Navy

It is great for air conditioned offices and can be worn over a dress or a shirt or even over your bikini.

 If you want to feel uber empowered - without a bra!!

 Bye for now