Three cheers for our new Autumn range

Welcome to the new Autumn season at Denner natural cashmere. This year, our focus is on our natural sustainable DNA credentials.

As you all know, our natural cashmere credentials could not be stronger. Our cashmere can be found on the rolling prairies of Mongolia, sourced by hand from local farmers who pride themselves on their animal husbandry, which goes back centuries.

We know where every single thread of cashmere comes from before it gets to our factory.

So, we guarantee the natural authenticity of our cashmere. It’s a guarantee we give to you so when you wear our cashmere, you can be sure of where it comes from and the intense natural sustainable story behind it.

 Our natural story is more important to us than anything else. We are delighted to pass it onto you. Please enjoy this Autumn range - statement sweaters, chic cinched dresses, stylish pullovers and cardigans.

It is a new take on glamour. It's grown up, it's fun and we hope you can't get enough of it!!!

Most important of all, there is the genuine, meaningful natural story behind it.