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Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan in Dahlia

Dear Denners,

I do hope you are all enjoying this amazing summer!!

Wow the heat!! Almost too much.

At this time of year, we have one of our keynote shoots, where we showcase our new and exciting Autumn offerings.

For everyone at Denner it is essential to get it right as it will make or break a very important part of the Denner year. So, it takes a lot of planning as it must be unique and have that special "wow" factor.

Eliana and Stephani are wearing our new Autumn collection

This year to make it special, we really decided to use two models, a Porsche convertible and location wise the heart of London Clubland - St James square.

We didn't realise that being Wimbledon week and the height of the London season everywhere was sold out and had been so for months.

We needed to be as close as possible to St James square, as we had two models and so many outfits to photograph.

Stephani is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Polo Neck Jumper in White

An almost insurmountable problem and an almost back to the drawing board situation.

Two days to go and we still had no accommodation. I have mentioned previously the gods of photo shoots and how essential it is they smile on you.

Out of the blue we got a call from the RAC in Pall Mall saying they had had a couple of cancellations.

Were we interested?

Game on!!

Eliana is wearing 100% Organic 2ply  Cashmere V Neck Cardigan in Cygnet.

The RAC is an amazing venue, being a private members club, they have a dress code - no jeans and sneakers (the uniform of photo shoots).

So, everyone must adapt and wear their Sunday best and remember not to use their mobile phones inside the clubhouse!!

The Brookland Room - brasserie-style dining destination offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Once we were rolling, it really was an incredible shoot and came together in a memorable way.

We had two stunning models.

We flew Stephanie in from Croatia and we could not resist the opportunity of shooting Eliana again (for her first non-studio session).

However, the real star of the shoot was the silver Porsche 911 convertible.

 (I will let you into a secret I am biased !!)

Stephani is wearing 100% Organic 2ply Cashmere Vest in Charcoal

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